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NetHack Fourk is a NetHack variant forked from NetHack4. Its emphasis is on balance (mainly via formula adjustments) and variety, making various things (roles, monsters, dungeon branches, special levels) more genuinely different from each other.

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Component Default Assignee
build system Jonadab the Unsightly One
The build system is how you take the source code and create an actual playable version of the game.
client/UI Jonadab the Unsightly One
The client component is the user interface. It handles such things as menu display, sidebar positioning, etc.
documentation Jonadab the Unsightly One
The documentation consists of various informational files (guidebook, man pages, README, etc.) that are distributed along with the game.
game engine (libnethack) Jonadab the Unsightly One
libnethack is the actual game logic engine. It controls things like what happens when the player takes a given action, what monsters do, what items are available, etc.
tiles Jonadab the Unsightly One
The tiles system specifies various ways that individual elements (terrain, monsters, objects, traps, etc.) are displayed. This can be graphical, or using a character and color.