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FIQHack: FIQHack is a NetHack variant based on NetHack4. It's main emphases are on monster/player symmetry, AI improvements, and codebase quality improvement.
FiddleHack: FiddleHack is a NetHack variant, based on FIQHack.
Fourk: NetHack Fourk is a NetHack variant forked from NetHack4. Its emphasis is on balance (mainly via formula adjustments) and variety, making various things (roles, monsters, dungeon branches, special levels) more genuinely different from each other.
NetHack4: NetHack 4 is a NetHack variant with a focus on user interface improvements and codebase quality enhancements. It was originally based on NitroHack with most of the AceHack changes applied and subsequently received a number of important enhancements. Perhaps its most salient feature is the save system, which is very good at preventing data loss and making it easier to reproduce bugs.