Tue Dec 12 2017 21:46:09 UTC
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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
869 NetHack4 client/U anyone UNCO --- Sidebar resizing is delayed until the next manual map refresh Mon 02:10
736 NetHack4 game eng anyone CONF --- Allow elvenqueens and other varying gender monsters Sun 12:11
876 NetHack4 game eng anyone RESO FIXE Attempting to #monster while polyinit into an arch-lich segfaults Thu 19:14
955 NetHack4 other allizgub RESO FIXE Bugzilla reports Zarro Boogs Found, failing to find the imported Trac tickets. Sat 14:02
956 FIQHack game eng fredde1994 RESO FIXE searching for "amule" on gehennom 35 caused a crash Wed 22:17
957 FIQHack game eng fredde1994 RESO FIXE Genociding yourself while polymorphed causes endless impossible spam Thu 18:24
6 bugs found.